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EU-LAC Health Joint Call on Health Research and Innovation

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EU-LAC Health (Defining a Roadmap for Cooperative Health research between the EU and Latin America-Caribbean countries: a Policy Oriented Approach) is a project co-funded by the EU with the main aim of intensifying the cooperation between EU and CELAC on health research and coordinating by means of thematic alignment of programmes.
This Joint Call for health research and innovation projects is launched in the framework of EU-LAC Health project, and in collaboration with ERANet-LAC.

Contact Information

Mónica de Román Calle
Telephone: +34 918 22 24 96
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Teresa Corral Cantó
Telephone: +34 918 22 22 55
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Eduard Güell Del Frago
Telephone: +34 918 22 24 54
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EU-LAC Health Joint Call

Deadline: 9 March 2017, 16:00 h. CET